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Yuki Senmatsu

Beta Testers Needed

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As you can tell, I'm done playtesting SinEnhan.wad, my next upcoming wad. However, I still need a bit of beta testers for it. I'll put you guys in credits.

Number of Maps: 1

If you can exploit bugs, errors, let me know. Also, even when I posted that thread about things placement, I may still screw up on thing placement. That's my one vulnerability.

I think I fixed that one bug where projectiles goes through enemies. Well, I said screw it and I scrapped that one room where that happens and move the monsters elsewhere. Please. I want to be rid of that dang bug.

If you want the wad, PM me.


P.S. this only works with Skulltag And Zandronum with Skulltag_Data And Skulltag Actors (Zandronum users). Reason, when I got to the map, it crashes for some odd reason. IDK why.

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OK. It may be one beta tester, but he did say it's overall complete. It is about time to release this after 2½ years (yes, it took this long due to other projects)

Wish me luck.

After this, The NIGHTMARE! Palace. Stay tuned.

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I think I've had enough beta testers this time. I'm still wating for Codeslicer to be done with his week vacation and my 4th one to be done with his beta testing.

So yeah, thank you all for your help for beta testing.
If this gets released, wish me luck. Doing my very best to be a great mapper.

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...Not to sound impatient but, no one's coming back right?

Update: Codeslicer made it back. As for Clusterone666, I don't think he's coming back. it's been a week.

If so, time to finally release this. I know I may sound like a jerk but, I already uploaded it.

Sorry Clusterone666 :(

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