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Doom64Ex: uhmm a little help?

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So today i decided to redo my maps i was working with doom64 resources for gzdoom in doom64ex.

The Problem:

when i installed doom64ex and tried it freshly, when i edited a linedef or a sector, in the "window" where you edit sector or linedef always appeared me the "Macros" Tab (in both Edit Linedef and Edit Sector windows) but now they dont show it anymore on the map i work right now.

How did happened:

Doom64ex stopped to give me the "macro" tabs options when i launched Doom Builder 2 while Doom64Ex Builder was running, so once i closed Doom Builder 2 to work back on Doom64Ex Builder, even uninstalling it and installing it again never give me again the "Macro tab".

Any Help?

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Nope i always install any editor on their own folder, never inside in the folder of the others editor (because that always make troubles)

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It was replaced by something similar to the scripting system in hexen.

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Kore said:

It was replaced by something similar to the scripting system in hexen.

do you mean the "actual" Doom Builder64Ex works like that now (like hexen format or doom in hexen format or UDF? (with that i mean the new doom builder64Ex have that)?

or do you mean that due myself running Doombuilder2 and Doombuilder64Ex at the same time, replaced Doombuilder64Ex macro system by the scrypting system in hexen?.

if it the first option i guess i should take a look into zdoom wiki about UDF format, but if it the second option i guess i cant do much about that unless i uninstall enterely doom builder64ex.

because im running the Feb 2014 update and the first time i edited a linedef i have the "macro tab" option. until i decided to run both builders at the same time... macro tab dont appear anymore.

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Well after i made my first map for doom64ex and experimented a bit with the map02 im working now here are mi feedback for this editor:

swichtes: i tried to add a swicht texture to a wall, when i activated crashed my doom64ex, so in order to use swicht textures you need to set them in the next way: on the wall you want the swicht edit the line, mark the box for "swicht check height" and swicht display check "lower" (you can use middle or upper depends on how you want to use it but if you follow this example check lower) on swicht texture check "upper" now edit the texture and in the upper side option set the swicht texture you like, now if you did everything right, the swicht will display in your wall. if you dont understand this just check the wad i added later in this post.

Doors: as usual doom doors dont need tag unless you want to use them with swichtes. doom64ex linedefs with door actions need to be tagged (BUT NOT THE SECTOR OF THE DOOR unless you want it being activated with a swicht like in the example wad) you can use the same tag on every linedef door action you use in your map, just use any tag you dont going to use in your map (for example 800, 900 etc) just dont use tags 666 or 999 since those are special tags. because if you dont set a tag to the linedef with the door action (lets say you leave it with tag 0) every sector around that linedef will close down as soon the door closes.

Teleports: teleports here works almost the way that classic dooms teleports but theres a small small difference: in doom64ex you dont need to tag the sector of the teleport landing, you need to tag the teleport destinaion thing, so if you want your teleporters works just tag the teleport destination thing.

to make monsters teleport after player kill monster or take something:
add some monsters and mark them with the flag (spawner) and add them a tag too. if you want they get teleported by a killed monster (lets say a zombie men) add to the zombie men the flag (trigger on death) and add them the same tag as your monsters that will spawn. if you want the monsters being teleported by a pick up mark it with the flag (trigger on touch) and again add the same tag as your monsters. a

near of the place you want your monsters spawn, edit 1 linedef and add the follow flag: "trigger ond death thing" and to thatl inedef set the action: thing spawn, and for tag add the same tag you set for your monsters.

once the thing die or get picked up it will spawn your monsters.

For fake 3dfloors and ceiling with railing texture. its a kinda hard to me to explain in english so i just will leave the next wad, which contain everything i told here:


this wad only purpose its to show how to do those basic things and well as example for any mapper that have trouble with those features. so dont expect a good architecture or a playable level. just a basic level with those basic stuff

i wish i could do more things that are useful but most for them (lifts floors etc) works the same as classic doom editing, but doors, teleports, works in other way. i hope this its helpful for someone since some doom64 features dont works in the same way as the classic doom counterparts.

now.. if only i can bring back macros tab function..

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