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Walter confetti

Walter's Speedmapping repository!

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I decided to post this old speed map made for 4chan's /vr/ board (and uploaded in the Doom discussion only, until now), and also this will become a place where i put some 2 hours speed mapping stuff for any reason... working on another map right now.

Already did, i down this post!

Forgot to say, all the maps i post in this place will be vanilla compatible!


Speed Map for 4chan's /vr/ doomers: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3d459u7ctt9buv7/silly-speedmap-for-4chan-vr.zip

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SSG secret is very obvious and i'm not sure how i actually triggered the other secret.
The large nukage room felt a bit empty with only a few Hitscanners, especially after releasing the cybie. Still a somehow
interesting map.

EDIT: FDA is for the first map since you've posted another one while i wrote this.

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