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recent story,

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it may not be about doom but alot of people liked it, plus there is a doom reference.

The Sniper
The day was some what cloudy as Mike said good morning to his older brother John, as he was heading out to play. Mike’s family lives in one of the many downtown ghettos except this one is not under the control of a drug cartel or gang. This, and other parts of the city, have been under the control of the U.A.C. or United American Core. Both his father Lucas and brother John are members. Sadly his father was killed in the final battle to liberate the city from the drug dealers and gangs. The city has been at peace for ten years with little signs of a war. The US government sat around, many are corrupted by the drug money now. Those who are honest men, could only sit and watch until the UAC was formed. Now the UAC is a powerful force that wants to rid America of its illness.
“Mom!, I am going outside to play. I’ll be back for lunch!” Mike yelled as he ran out the door. He ran for about 20 yards from the house into the old battered parking lot to the left of his home. He looked up at the ruins of an old and badly damaged parking tower. It stood like a dark figure far above his own home; as well as the other buildings near by. He had often thought about going inside yet his older brother and sister told him that it was unsafe and was full of unexploded shells and ammunition form the war ten years ago. They told him it was where dad died. Mike was both fascinated and horrified by the monstrous tower.
“Hey… Mike.” a older boy yelled, “ thinking about going inside? I would but it looks like it might fall over soon. I hear a boy went in there once and never came out. I dare you to go in.”
“No way! Its dangerous! Besides that’s only a lie, no one has been in there for years.” Mike replied.
John, mikes 19 year old brother, walked out of their small two story home. “Hey Mike. Tell mom I am heading to the UAC meeting.”
“Is it about the war? I heard other kids say the war would start again.” Mike asked.
“Yes it is about the violence. Those other kids are only teasing you. A war will not start. I promise you” John replied. John then walked by him and jumped over the fence that cut them off from the Tower and the old warehouse complex that held the UAC base and weapons. Mike soon forgot his troubles and picked up a ball. He played with a few younger children before he went in for lunch. As he entered his sister Allison came down stairs. She was the middle child, 16 years old. She always tried her best to get a new boyfriend. She never cared much for the family but she was at least kind to them.
“Where’s John? Did he head off to another one of those gay meetings? I tell you, the only reason people get hurt by the gangs is cause they get in the way. We should just let ‘em go and we can all be happy. Besides if people want to get high let them. They don’t hurt no one.” she sad to Mike.
“The UAC is the good guys! So is John and Daddy! Daddy is a hero, he and the UAC saved us. Why do you hate the UAC?!” Mike screamed at Allison.
“I hate ‘em cause they cause so much trouble for me and my friends. Its our life so we can do what ever we want.” She boldly said.
“Your friends are losers and both mom and John said not to bring any of them to the house. If you like them so much go live with them!” He yelled back.
“you little turd! When I get back I will kick your ass. I am going to see my new boyfriend Jeremy.” She yelled as she ran out the door. The door slammed loud ands they all was quite.
Jeremy was an older boy that John often told Allison never to be around. “He is a drug dealer, a thief and a killer; Allison. Don’t you see that? He’s a bad guy!” He would say.
Allison would always reply “He is always fun to be with and I can be with who ever I want anyway.” Mike’s mom had given up after last year. She didn’t seem to care how anything went.
Mike ate his Lunch of chips and a ham sandwich and soon fell asleep on the couch. He dreamed of playing with his friends in a field, instead of a torn up parking lot. He dreamed of playing with real baseballs, not duct tape, card board and stones. However he mostly dreamed of living without fear. He wanted so much to have a peaceful life, free of drugs and violence.
Suddenly Mike was awakened to a Warning message on the PA system in the city. “All UAC members prepare on defend the city! A riot has lead to an attack! Report to the north side!” Mike got off the couch and ran upstairs to his mother. “Is this another… war?” he asked.
“No baby, they said it was only a riot.” she told him. He could hear gun shots and a few explosions in the distance. He Then ran into his room and stayed near his bed for ten minutes. After the gun fire seemed to get closer he looked out his window. He saw his sister running to the house. After about twenty seconds later, 5 people caring guns and cases went into the tower. Mike was soon interrupted my his sisters screams. Both Mike and his mother ran down to her.
“I was with friends… They left and the fighting broke out five minutes later…Screams everywhere!” She screamed. Mike’s mother helped her to a chair. She sat there for a few minutes. The phone began to ring. Mike answered to hear John’s voice. “I am coming home. watch out! There may be gang members who got past our lines I’ll be…” the line went dead. Mike soon told his mother what he had heard. His mother urged him to hide, but Mike said he would wait for John with Allison. He went into the living room as his mother went up to her room. He opened the closet and slid back a secret door. A flickering light fallowed and revealed the arsenal held in secret. It was originally Mike’s father’s weapons, but now they where his and Johns. A row of rifles, two automatic rifles, a sawed off shotgun and an array of different size hand guns gleamed in the light.
“Mike? Why are you in there?” Allison asked. “I want to help.” He replied. He then looked up at his fathers assault rifle, which doubled as a great sniper’s rifle. He loaded it and two of the handguns. He handed one to Allison, but she rejected. Two shots rang just out side his home. Allison hide in the corner terrified and screaming. Mike ran to the front door and threw it open. There he saw his brother running and shooting towards the tower. Then it came, another shot, and john hit the dirt only 15 yards from the front door. “Sniper in the tower… get him… watch..” where his last words. Mike was stunned, dropping the hand gun, he stared at his now dead brother. “Allison… Those bastards got John!” Mike screamed. He could feel a strong hatred in his arms and hands. He picked up the gun and started for the stairs. However before he got them two more shots rang out. Allison got out of the corner and slowly went to the window. She saw two bodies on the side of the house laying in the battered lot. Suddenly a third and fourth shot. The third shot hit the window and almost hit Allison, the second passed through the wall and into the floor. Mike ran to her as she lay trembling and screaming on the floor. Both went up stairs to their mother’s room. “I hope the UAC can get that sniper before he kills others. He is shooting everything that moves!” his mother said.
“The UAC is fighting at the front lines. But anyone still in the base is trapped by the sniper. I saw five men go into the tower just before Allison got home. They had boxes. I bet it was ammo and stuff. I don’t think they have any rockets.” Mike said. Allison finally began to talk, but she was still shaking. “IS… this the war? I have heard gun shots before but had never seen any death. I hate…” she then shut up. Mike loaded his father’s rifle and headed to his room.
“Mike! What are you doing?” his mother demanded. He turned around and faced her saying. “I have to defend our family. For dad and John.” He then left the room and walked slowly down the hall. He could feel the sweat making the gun difficult to hold. His arms felt worn and heavy, yet burning. His eyes watered and his mouth was dry. The rest of his body seemed to vibrate with every step he took. He finally arrived to his room, it seemed like an hour had passed sense he left his mother’s room. Mike turned off the lights and put the gun against the wall. The window was the only source of the gray-cloudy light. Crawling on the floor he began to think about how or even if he could shoot the sniper. He then got up slowly and peered out the small window. He saw nothing but the dark tower. Without warning a shot was fired, but not at him. He saw a person running on the street below and then a small puff of smoke on the top level of the tower. Another shot rang out, this one brought the runner down. It also showed Mike where the sniper was. He was in the dead middle of the front facing side on the top level. He could hardly see the shining gun barrel in the bright gray light. Mike leaned against his wall next to the windows. “How will I get him?” he muttered to himself. He then leaped across his floor towards his gun. The he jumped back into his position on the wall. Holding his gun he took long deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself. He looked at his weapon, checked if it was loaded and if the safety was set to the off position. Mike then took off the lens cap on the silver scope and wiped both ends with his shirt. Then he opened the window very slowly and only a few inches. Slowly he moved into his position, keeping an eye on the thin barrel of his rival’s gun. With three clicks his weapon was adjusted for the distance of his target. Mike could barley make out the face of his target as he lined up his shot. Suddenly both his arms and the gun seemed to get heavier with each moment. He muttered “ For John and daddy.” After which was fallowed by a ear shattering blast. His mark was hit. He saw the body of the sniper fall over the ledge and slam into the dust lot below. However his victory was short. Seconds later the sniper’s guards opened fire. Mike ducked as a rain of bullets battered his home. The siding screamed with a metallic sound with each bullets. Mike fired back, but without aim he hit his own wall. A moment of silence fallowed the storm of weapon fire. Mike got up took aim and fired at the top level one last time. His bullet passes threw the thin wall and into an abandoned ammo case. The explosion then spread to the supplies the sniper and his guards had brought. The whole top level seemed to lift up under a cloud of yellow, red and blue. Then a rain of debris fallowed by the metallic echo of the debris impacting the ground. Mike ran down his stairs and pulled his brothers body in and laid it on the floor. His sister, still shaken, came down. Mike then went out side to the body of the fallen sniper to reveal his identity. “It was Jeremy.” He said. Allison soon came out to see the truth. She now knew what this war was about and began to cry. Mike stood tall with his weapon. He could here the gun battle continuing. “I must take my place with my brothers in battle. I will make dad and John proud.” He then walked towards the UAC base. Allison watched and then returned to her battered home.
Mike and his sister soon joined the UAC. The war is now raging on and the UAC is gaining ground. Perhaps it is the sign of a new beginning and the end of terror.

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Two words soldier: Great job!
There were a few spelling errors like 'here' (should be 'hear'), but the story was well-written.
Where did you get the inspiration for this awesome story?

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