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[ACS] Thing_Stop Error

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I'm gonna start living in the Doom Editing sub forums =p.

I got the latest version of ACC and put it in the same folder as DMapEdit. This doesn't crash when I don't have Thing_Stop in it.

Figures. I'm trying to help someone and the helper needs help.(quite ironic!)

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"Used but not defined" errors mean that you use something that hasn't been defined. All functions and constants need to be defined before the compiler can make use of them. These definitions are contained in the .acs files that accompany ACC normally. This is why scripts are supposed to begin by the following line:

#include "zcommon.acs"
Add that line to the top of your script and try compiling again.

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Do you have

#include "zcommon.acs"
at the very top of your script?

If so then I don't know what else it could be, sorry.

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A reextracting of ACC didn't give me an error, but it doesn't freeze the player... I have setplayerproperty(0, 1, PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN); but I'm not frozen. I can walk.

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can you post your script that "freeze" the player? maybe the error its on that, probably you have it on "open" instead "(void)" parameter in the script since those properties need to be activated somehow.

because if the script have "open" parameter then wouldnt work, sure works if you want the script activate once the map start but wouldnt work if that script affect the player.

if you want a script run (for the player) once they are in the map use "Enter" parameter, if you want the script activated once the player hit a swicht or pick up something, use "(void)" parameter.

but would be helpful if you post your script.

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