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FTP server being decommissioned

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Hi folks, I maintain the nightly build server (which will continue) and the anonymous FTP server for submissions. The latter is rarely used, but it is still used (sgtcrispy submitted something on August 8, nothing before that since March 2013). I'm doing some housekeeping on my server (moving to another one) and I've decided not to move the FTP server. So, it will die in approx 3-4 weeks time.

Can the freedoom admins please decide how they want to recommend submissions (github forks and pull requests would seem to be the smartest move imho) and then if they let me know I can update the pinned topic on how to submit accordingly.


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Sounds okay. Recently people seem to have been just using filesharing sites for submissions. I'd also like it if people used Github pull requests but there's quite a high technical barrier to entry.

We should update the stickied thread in this forum and also any docs in the Freedoom documentation (I think README has some suggestions for submissions, I forget)

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Direct Git pulls would definitely be the preferred method, however nothing about asset creation really necessarily mandates to knowing how to use any kind of VCS. Not that the skills are in conflict, but it's just unusual... so for nearly everything, it's just either fraggle, RjY or myself that constructs all the Git commits and "fake" the author information in the commit header. It's better than nothing at least :)

beyond that, I don't have much suggestions. Standard file sharing sites (SendSpace, Dropbox, Mega, etc) ... I don't prefer it, but it's simpler for most than using FTP.

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