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doomguy theme tunes

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Is there a tune you associate with Doom, or its principal character?

here's mine:

- it's about one man holding back evil
- its subgenre is considered to be doom metal
- bears the name of a famous Plutonia map (or caused it to be named?!)
- plus it riffs like crazy

I've made more than one cover of this tune to add to my own private levels, .MID and beyond!

what's that song for you? bonus points if it's not one of the tunes originally, uh, paid tribute to by Bobby Prince!

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Candlemass is one of my all-time favorite bands! That's the exact song I would have picked.

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Remind me; was there a song called the 'Doom theme' in the early versions of the Dos setup, used to test that you had selected the right sound card for music?

Or am I thinking of another game.

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