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Doors/elevators not making sounds (UDMF)

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I've recently started using GZDoom Builder with UDMF format to better flavor the new megawad I'm working on and have been learning basic ACS scripting and the like, and so far my longest standing obstacle has been the fact that the common doors and elevators are not making sounds when I'm testing levels, even with DSDOROPN and such.
I'm able to add sounds to polyobject doors using the SNDSEQ lump with Sound Numbers, but I don't know how to do that for usual doors and elevators. I'd prefer not to have to type out a big sound script for every damn door/elevator unless I have to, so if there's an easy way around this, please let me know :)

EDIT: Well after just tampering around with it longer I realized that I can reserve the Sound Sequence things for the basic doors and elevators, and just use Polyob start lines and their sound numbers (or Sound Sequence things also) for the Polyob doors.

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