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Zulk RS

Has Doom become... Boring?

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cs99cjb said:

Has the question of whether Doom has become boring become... Boring?

Pretty much, yes.

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scifista42 said:

Pretty much, yes.

I can't agree. The question was so uniquely and elegantly phrased that it has far greater longevity than more modern questions such as "Is Duke Nukem's ego bar equivalent to power armour?" and "Why does the AI in Aliens: Colonial Marines stink?"

I think this discussion has the stamina to run for years, especially given all the different viewpoints and anecdotes each new generation of gamers contributes. Occasionally I get bored of the question but then an email pops up in my inbox and I get drawn back into the exciting rough-and-tumble of the Doomworld forums. I'm going outside now, but I know I'll be back.

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Optimus said:

About the monsters, I don't think they are uninteresting. There are so many times in modern FPS that I don't find as diverse and unique monsters as doom. You have the same human enemy, with pistol, with rifle, with shotgun, with bazooka in many modern FPS. Generic human enemy with generic weapon. While in Doom, every monster is not only unique in visuals, but attacks differently, has different pain chance, attitude, etc. So when you learn the monster patterns, you enter a room with two mancubi, three revenants, some imps on ledges, blah blah and you instantly feel like I am gonna first attack those guys, then hide behind that wall then do the other guys, and there are so many unique ways the monster arrangement can make it interesting and changes the way you act. While on many military FPS is the general soldier enemy with different weapons, and boring hide and shoot mechanics.

Ok, maybe it's also nostalgia and I agree with that. Because after years of playing Doom, the way I play is hardwired in my brain, the familiar sounds, familiar way I shoot a shotgun and an imp falls down, or SSG the demons, with all the anims and sounds and mechanics hardwired in my brain, I can't get off this idea from my brain that I can not like doom. Maybe if I never played it in my life and played it now I would feel different about it. The same I feel about Marathon when I try to play it only now.

And then I almost never play the original maps anymore, so many awesomeness from community maps out there. And it never stops, I am amazed that after 20 years so many new maps are released every week (and that's also because the map making of Doom is more simplistic and yet you can still be creative with it. It's more time consuming to do maps for Quake or more modern FPS).

Even the graphics have stuck into me maybe because of Nostalgia. Ok,. the graphics are dated (even if they can evolve with ports, but still) but I never found them bad. I still think that the artistic design of monsters and textures and some of the levels is brilliant. I still believe it, I still would play classic Doom even on original PC and the graphics will not make me puke, but I will adore some of the textures and level design. Only the resolution is out of me, so I prefer 1080p on modern doom (but usually I prefer Zdoom instead of GZdoom, because I like my textures crispy)

I can't fucking stand modern fps where all you kill are the same old humans. It drives me nuts, it's incredibly boring and uninteresting. Maybe that's why I enjoy halo and doom whereas I'm not a big fps person. It's nice having different monsters. Doom's cast is pretty good, but the AI at this point just gets a bit predictable and easy.

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Haha, Halo's enemies are like Marathon's: There's like 3-5 basic types and everything else is a palette swap.

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