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Der Gillster

Can't play STRAIN wad

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Okay well I have a PC that operates on Windows 7 Pro. I want to play the STRAIN file for DOOM 2. I tried the bat file, simply does not work. I also tried changing the files into wads, but yet it does not work as well. How can I play the strain wad on Windows 7 Pro without having to use a DOSbox?

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Don't forget about strain.deh.

Which engine are you using? Original Doom engine requires some preparations to make Strain playable. On the other hand, most of the advanced source ports support drag-and-dropping, so it's possible to play the wad by simply dropping strain.wad and strain.deh on the exe simultaneously.

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I only ever played STRAIN once, thanks to that insane install process. Needed four bloody floppy discs and a floppy drive.

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Der Gillster said:

DA Werecat there is no wad and deh file, and I have Zandorum, one of the newest source ports out there.

Ribbik, thanks a lot man!

Did you unzip the strain10.zip folder? I apologize if this seems too obvious, but you should really see those .wad and .deh files in there, otherwise, I have no idea of what could be happenning. Once you have them, just select them and drag and drop, like Da Werecat said.

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