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How do I make a built run?

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I want to learn how to make built TAS. Can anyone here explain how to use XDRE and use it to make a run?

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I never managed to run xdre. Using old, non-intuitional,kind of flawed DRE, which is nevertheless sufficient for me (it's also probably because I started just before xdre was released). If you're interested pls just post "I'm interested" and I can actually write a useful wall of text for you. Also, if xdre users share what they want to share, I can add my own thoughts.

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If you're interested, I streamed a bit of my Rebirth Map 1 TAS using XDRE2 here. It doesn't get very far or demonstrate any really good tricks, but it should be enough to get you started. I don't really know how to use brute force, though.

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