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Forlorn Creator

A Doomers Requiem

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I will give a description of this project in the hopes that it may receive more critique.


ADR contains short sections in the story of a certain mans life, told in a highly esoteric, metaphorical / symbolical, and unconventional way. Keep this in mind as you play; and give an attempt to understand things rather than signing it off as ubiquitous drivel, and you may be able walk away with something special.

It is fairly short, and should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

I have spent roughly 3 years making this, and you will see things that you have never seen in any other doom mods in this project. No, I am not boasting about my talents, and I know you will understand once you play through this. Please leave a critique in the following link if you feel led to do so.
Here is the link:

---------------------------------------------->http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/adr.zip <----------------------------------------------


And couple of screen shots:



If these images are to large, let me know and I will upload smaller ones.

A link to the ZDoom Forum Post:


A link to a review on DoomStation:


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It is good to see something that clearly breaks the mold of standard Doom gameplay and is visually striking at the same time. GZdoom displays some warnings on most maps, but nothing critical. The weakest point of this mod are the texts - their meaning is more or less clear, but this is not how a native English speaker talks.

So from I gathered from the story, the author is a former jewish (?) person who lived somewhat licentious life, contracted some deadly disease (?) and converted to christianity, which helped him with that situation? But the disease proved to be incurable in the end, judging by the fact that the mod is named "Requiem"?

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Interesting interpretation.

I have sent this wad to other people, and they all seem to report different anomalies. It's quiet strange, but nothing game breaking.

As for the English; well its supposed to be cryptic.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

It's pretty cool stuff, but you have a lot of typos in the text. Please fix them.

There are a couple yes, I plan on fixing them in the next update...

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Well, I try not to be a grouch. I really did enjoy the wad very much. Hope you do more like this. You have a lot of talent.

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I really, really enjoyed it so far, but I'm stuck in the red zone after the door closed on me, with the tree inside. You can reply in PM if you'd prefer?

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Forlorn Creator said:

What GZDoom version are you running? That sounds more like a game engine error. Enemies are supposed to spawn when the doors shut.

Okay. It was about three months out of date.. I updated it now. :)

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Forlorn Creator said:

Heh, good to hear it was something simple, hope you enjoy it.

Op updated, thanks for letting me know Brad.

No problem, man

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