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I was out for 2 months, what happened since? + stuff I made

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Okay, so because of various reasons, I was out of DW Forums for 2 months. What happened since here? I want to be informed, thanks!

I know about 5Rooms release, some new amazing city skies from someone I forgot and that's all about.

Also, I made some new maps while my absence, available here.

It contains:
- a 3-map demo of a 1024 Boom megaWAD with CC4 textures I'm working on, it's called "Claustrophobia Cybertown"
- an updated version of my WIP vanilla megaWAD "Somewhere in Time", in which there are 2 new maps (MAP03: The Parking House and MAP09: Sky Raid)
- 5 vanilla Doom1 maps for random slots, some of them I made before my absence

Please try them, I'm looking for opinions! I'm literally hungry after 2 months of silence.

Pic album here. Random order, sorry, I'm in a small hurry.

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I'm working on my unfinished and unoffical maps, after finishing them, I'll slap it into a megawad.

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DEIMGATE and FLODVATS: I've played these before and left you feedback on them, now obviously nothing has changed. DEIMGATE even still has its bugs present: Getting stuck behind the teleporter's stairs, raised rocket-launcher crate, HOM at megaarmor secret, and exit switch triggerable from the ground. These maps aren't bad at all (I gladly replayed them both now). They don't entirely feel like E2, for the higher amount of strange detail. They have nothing much extra in them, but they provide a good enough fun. I personally feel that 64-wide corridor fights are dumb.

BARONINF: I think you know. Unless someone was really submerged in Doom's atmosphere and he imagined the game as "real" even despite unimpressive aesthetics, he would find this map extremely underwhelming. From the gameplay standpoint, it's too plain and seems lazily done. Could work for a hyper-easy episode end, but as I said, it certainly wouldn't impress anyone. It could have been far far better. Should have been, I dare to say.

TRPINDRK: The textfile lies about the map being E3M1, it's E3M2. Blue key window shows a HOM when viewed from the key room's below. Spectres at start fail to pose any threat, they won't leave their chambers easily. This map had really close to get boring (and I pretty much never call maps to be boring) because I as the player felt overpowered and "un-endangered" for the whole time, having too much ammo, chaingunning spectres down in a long row, like a shooting gallery. You can afford to make much more threatening maps, you know it. It will make them more fun and interesting.

BNARYDVL: A bit better challenge at times, but not particularly much at all. At least I've died once, mainly because I blew myself up with a rocket while standing in damaging floor and attacked by a baron. I actually liked that moment most from the entiry map, though. Blood is not damaging, but (some of the) skull flats are, isn't it weird? Texturing seems to be messed up around the exit area. I couldn't access the secret area (otherwise I've got all secrets in your maps so far), but I could have missed something. There is a weird HOM inside a pile-of-skulls decoration in the TEKWALL area nearby. Strange map, in an E3M3+E3M4 style, but played quite well.

SIT: I'm not sure if I was leaving feedback to you before, I've played some SIT maps a longer time ago. They were nice and simple, pleasant to play, not overly challenging but not too low - that's how I felt about them.

SIT MAP03 was new to me. Except the horrible maze (again!), it was good. Not that hard, if you kept to pay attention (I didn't keep to pay attention and got killed, heh.) I like your mapping and detailing style more in your Doom 2 maps than Doom 1. I guess that it fits D2 style more, monster variation also helps the overall feel. A bit too much combat in cramped areas, maybe, but the baron room wasn't bad, as it wasn't entirely easy to berserk him. Did you realize that your layout is extremely orthogonal? Maybe improve it next time, too - not that it's a big problem, though.

SIT MAP09: I normally consider ASHWALL to be garish, but here it worked (kind of). I liked the central space area, even though I felt it's underdetailed this time, I've been impressed and enjoyed moving around there. The final flying-head swarm was uncomfortably too big IMO. Again, easy, but appropriately non-top-easy map, a better one of yours.

That's it for now. I may (or may not) continue with the other maps tomorrow (and maybe add the rest of SIT, too). I like your mapping, Katamori, it's not extremely polished and perfectized but it has its good sides, mainly a mostly comfortable intuitive gameplay, which I care about as a player.

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Resurgence and Stomper are completely new for me, never even heard of them.

Mayhem20148 isn't on /idgames? I'm not even surprised :D

Doom 2 INO has become famous: oh my God, wow. NEver thought of that it's gonna be THAT famous! Eris Falling might be kinda happy I guess.

Plutonia 1024: yep, I've heard of that I just forgot mentioning. So sad I couldn't contribute.


DEIMGATE & FLODVATS: I simply can't do "strange architecture", so I tried to approach a custom implementation of E2-style. I prefer doing it this way, to be honest. Mistakes are gonna be fixed as soon as I can do so.

BARONINF was made within 3 hours just in boredom. Compared to that, iT's decent, I think.

TRPINDRK: I couldn't decide for which slot to put, that may be the reason of this mistake. Map might be overpowered because it felt too hard for me several times. Nah, I'm terrible at playtesting, and I truly hate doing that.

BNARYDVL: damaging skulls is a nice touch IMO, gives some creepy feeling for that. Blood shouldn't do damage though I think. The HOM you mention is because I wanted the skullkey to look like as if it'd be on the marble pillar. I may delete that.

MAP03: that maze MUST BE THERE - at least I feel this way. Sorry for that :D some parts seemed too hard for me, glad to know it actually isn't. Damn, I need a proper playtester...also, I have to mentioned that this map was planned before creating, unlike Doom1 maps. I'm pretty sure I can be good at both, just a matter of planning and time. Trivia, this map wasn't planned to be D2-esque. :D

MAP09: I got several visplane errors on this map, so I had to decrease detail amount. Also, I thought it's a medium-difficulty map - seems I can't do proper difficulty levels for maps. But yep, that last skull swarm might be too much, I thought of the same.

I like your mapping, Katamori, it's not extremely polished and perfectized but it has its good sides

Actually, I spend a lot of time with polishing usually, but I don't like delaying the finish of a map. I suck at long maps. Most of these maps are speedmaps, so yeah :P and I also know that my maps are too orthogonal, but it's because I wanna avoid texture misalignments.

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Katamori, I didn't forget. Here are FDAs for CLAU_CYB. Not a bad wad, for what it is. Well, claustrophobic maps are quite uncomfortable to move around, and as you know, I don't share your excitement about combat in tight mazes. I don't mind them that much, I just know that there are much superior ways to craft out fights. MAP01 seems flawed because of wrong lighting action used (dealing damage where it shouldn't), and I eventually got stuck. The incomplete MAP04 seemed as the most fun movement-wise. I recommend you to rather make spacious maps where you can experiment with fun gameplay ideas.

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scifista, thanks! Actually, I wanna this city mapset cause I realized that crowded places are great for realistic and atmospheric city maps. Even if you can't see it on my maps yet. :D

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