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DSV 4: Legacy version set to be released this June

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For those who don't know what I am talking about, DSV is a 32 level megawad made of levels that I made out of boredom.

My forth megawad: DSV 4 is meant to be more serious, it has a story and of course will contain new textures, feature classic doom levels, and other goodies.

I am making two versions of this wad. One for Legacy, and one for Zdoom.

There are huge differences between the two. but all I can say is that the Zdoom version is going to be A LOT better than Legacy. Which is why Legacy version is getting released first.

Zdoom will also have 41 levels.

Both versions will take full use of the ports. and both is script designed, (Legacy version will use Fragglescript in each level and ACS scripts for the Zdoom version) making each level more interesting.

for those who like to see screenshots check out here

for pics of the Legacy and Zdoom version.

the Zdoom version should be done shortly after Legacy's release.
but I promise the Zdoom version won't let you Zdoom fans down.

edit: BY THE WAY, DSV 4 WILL use Doom64 graphics and sprites that I converted. (I didn't steal Elbryan's work in any way)

but I didn't add the sounds. But I tried to be carful not to make look so much like Doom 64......*shrugs*

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Yay,i loved DSV 1 and DSV 3 (finished 1,working on 3..now that im playing it properly in the eternity engine and using the friendly monsters ect),so i cant wait for 4 ^-^

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