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Making a Wad with resource pack in mind

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I'll get right to it. I was wondering if it is generally a wise idea to make a Wad with a monster resource pack?

Now to clarify, I was considering building my Wad (Zdoom/Gzdoom/Zandronum) with the Zdoom Monster Resource Pack merged with it simply to add some more monster variety, as I actually found some of the additional monsters (Afrit, Maelstrom, Plasma Elemental) to be a cool addition to the gameplay that didn't seem out of place (though I won't be using any of the clunky ones).

So I just wanted some opinions on this: Are there some people out there who don't like playing with the additional monsters? Is it considered a cheap way to make the wad look good? Would it be better to just test it all with the classic monsters first before adding in new ones?
Because I also notice that a lot of Wads never seem to go this far, and the authors just make their own custom monsters if they want new ones.

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It will be considered a valuable addition if you managed to pick custom monsters with gameplay characteristics different from stock Doom monsters, and you'll take advantage of these characteristics to create a challenge (at least some challenge). Or if you pick a specially good looking custom monster and put it in an atmospheric-based map for immersion effect, for example.

It will be considered cheap if you included custom monsters "randomly", without a special reason other than having cool custom content. Having three different looking monsters who all behave exactly more-or-less like an imp would be bad. It will also be viewed bad if the monsters were very gimmicky / overpowered, or if you overused them more than healthily.

Pick distinctly recognizable monsters with unique characteristics. Use them appropriately in order to give them a meaning, and use them appropriately frequently depending on their "challenge factor" (and be fair). Then it will be a cool extension of the basic monster variety.

The "Shadow" monster who keeps firing slow projectiles can be good, also rapid fire troopers, hellspawn with homing or spread projectile attacks, and fast melee attackers. On the other hand, I usually don't like overpowered zombies, any tiny flying monsters, monsters with too much HP or too many unpredictable attacks. Then there are snipers, wall-clippers and other gimmicky foes, who can be either an annoyance or a brilliant choice, depending on their particular placement.

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Yeah I mostly want their presence to be somewhat inconspicuous, as in most of the time you'll be fighting the originals with a new custom one popping up occasionally.

However, I'm worried that some Brutal Doom users might not concede this (my Wad will support BD) considering all the custom monsters will awkwardly have sprites which don't connect with BD, while the original monsters will.

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Well, if BD compatibility and "non-awkward feel" is important to you, then better don't include custom monsters. Many mappers manage to work without them, and players appreciate them mostly only in the conditions I've described above, at least that's my view. I'd personally say, go ahead and include the custom monsters if you have interesting ideas for their usage. I'm normally a no-gameplay-mod player, though. Can't speak for other people, how much does it mind to have foreign custom monsters next to modded standard monsters.

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