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WAD's that are worth playing

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Off the top of my head...

Some of my favourite wads that didn't get Cacowards AFAIK:
* Doom 2 Reloaded
* Rylayeh
* Zone 300
* The 6fiffy series of maps + rt10year
* Equinox, which might have got some kind of accolades but I think everyone should play it anyhow instead of giving nuts.wad attention

Stuff that was released recently that I really liked:
* NOVA (bugfixes almost finished I swear)
* D2INO - kind of a mixed bag and a lot of people didn't like it, so YMMV, but I thought it had a lot of great levels
* Cassie Steele
* Shadows of Chronos (Hexen)
* Any of Chris Hansen's recent maps
* Demon Asylum (this one)
* The Devilz Work

I mean lists like these could go on forever but that along with other posts should get you started.

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Breezeep said:

>Scythe series
>Mayhem 2048
>1024 Claustrophobia series
>And many more

Browse Idgames.


Not quite.
Soon! (seriously this time)

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This does not include any of my wads. Mostly megawads listed here.

- Doom the way id did (I did make E3M5)
- Doom 2 the way id did
- Memento Mori 1 and 2
- Requiem
- Strain
- Icarus Alien Vanguard
- Eternal Doom
- Fava Beans
- Return to Phobos
- CH Retro Episode
- Phobos Anomaly Reborn
- Serenity, Eternity and Infinity
- Endgame.wad

All worth playing, plus many more.

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These are the wads I have most enjoyed, though I haven't played nearly as many maps as I would like. Some of these are certainly an acquired taste however.

2002 A Doom Odyssey (2002)
Back To Saturn X (2012)
Doom: Threshold Of Pain (2010)
Eviltech: Soul Of Megawad (2011)
Perdition's Gate (1996)
Pirate Doom (2013)
The Rebirth (2003)
Reverie (2011)
The Twilight Zone II (1999)
Whispers Of Satan (2009)
Zone 300 (2013)

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j4rio said:

Brutal doom

And now you've got me wondering what Brutal Impse would look like. Good grief.

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sort of a holy quintology for me right now

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I should mention that if you want to know what you're getting into before downloading several mb of wads, you might want to check here:


and of course, newstuff:


There you go. Combine this with the above answers and you have enough wads & reviews for the rest of your life.


EDIT: And if for some reason you get tired of playing through the good stuff, or just want to download a bunch of 90's stuff with one click, you can download one of these:


But beware: although there's some quality stuff there, they're generally full of shit.

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