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-fast archvile dehacked stats

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What are a -fast archvile's dehacked stats?

I'm trying to make a dehacked archvile that behaves exactly like a -fast archvile, as in I'm trying to keep a -fast demo in sync after changing it to play without -fast and using a dehacked -fast archvile.

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if I'm understanding G_SetFastParms() and misc bits of p_enemy.c correctly, -fast does the following things that affect the arch-vile:

- all state durations are cut in half (edit: nvm, this doesn't seem to affect every enemy, just states between S_SARG_RUN1 and S_SARG_PAIN2)
- no longer sent into a new chase state after attacking
- if able to attack, will attack regardless of current movecount value (which usually dictates how long a monster will walk around before attacking again)

things like reaction time, painchance, etc, are unchanged as far as I can tell.

I'm not a dehacked expert, so I have no idea how it could actually be implemented (or if it can, even). Someone more knowledgeable than me would have to answer that one.

also, here's a thread that more accurately describes what -fast changes: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/42074-more-difficult-uv-monster-reaction-time/

there was a suggestion in there that emulating -fast isn't possible with dehacked, because the AI chase function is explicitly altered by the parameter.

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