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Hellbound demos [-complevel 2]

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Map14 maxed in 9:08

Note that you need to have the intercepts overflow emulation toggled OFF in prboom+ to watch the demo. Otherwise an overflow will occur around the 5 minute mark.


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Here's one of the improvements you mentioned in the UV-Speed.

Edit (lol how do I forget this): Map21 UV-Speed in 0:32


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im going to guess w/o watching the demo that it's the linedef skip for the teleportation. i actually did it by accident while doing the tyson runs. let me watch the demo now and see :D

edit: yup! although i just bumped the archvile and he teleported and i didnt on a previous run, eliminating the need to trigger the cyber and the enemies to warp in. very odd.

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Bumping this thread, heh.


Map 31 UV-Max in 8:26, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.4, -complevel 9


I'm very happy with this one. :D



EDIT: Wasn't too sure whether to use either complevels 2 or 9, as there appears to be a mixed number of demos for each. Also, this plays back with the '2013-09' version of Hellbound.

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Almost got under four digits. A cool 'Knee-Deep in the Dead' tribute, this one.

Played on the '2013-09' version of Hellbound, as per the usual.


Map 18 UV-Max in 10:01, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.4, -complevel 9.


Only two more maps to fill the UV-Max table. Hopefully I will get those done by this time next week.


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The UV-Max table for the 2013-09 version of Hellbound has finally been filled! :)


Map 24 UV-Max in 14:24, PrBoom+ v2.5.1.4, - cl9


Ugh, this map was a pain. Large open areas coupled with numerous Cacodemons is always a recipe for disaster. Not to mention that by the end, there were always a few stragglers wandering about making me waste time. I'm very happy with this result; I bested my previous one by more than six minutes. Might try and tackle some UV-Speed next.



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1 hour ago, rdwpa said:

Good job, I think that is my favorite map in Hellbound, at least as far design is concerned. 

Thanks @rdwpa. Hellbound is certainly a doozy of a megawad, considering that its designed solely by one guy. A shame about the numerous monster blocking lines in many of the levels though.

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TheV1perK1ller said:



Map 31 UV-Max in 8:26

Map 29 UV-Max in 25:47

Map 12 UV-Max in 13:29

Map 18 UV-Max in 10:01

Map 19 UV-Max in 12:46

Map 24 UV-Max in 14:24

Map 30 NM-Speed in 4:02


Excellent work! You are significantly stronger/speedier than most other greatest keyboarders, and your killer records are one of my main inspiration sources.


I decided to try optimizing the first truly epic-length Hellbound map some more. This high-tech monsterpiece is similar to my beloved MM2 MAP28 in several ways (and in fact even longer). Certainly the most challenging (even if not the most "prestigious") of all minute barriers I have broken in my first 13 years of speedrunning.


So, MAP12 UV Max in 9:55.



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