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Starting GZDoom in forced software mode

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Here's my problem: I need GZDoom over standard ZDoom because I'm trying to run a mod that requires it explicitly (the dev version, even). However, I'm currently stuck on a laptop with a crappy Intel GMA card on which GZDoom refuses to work - I get a blank window and the GZDoom mouse cursor, and I can hear the game run, but I can't see a damn thing.

I've read around and it seems OpenGL doesn't get along with the Intel GMA cards. I imagine GZDoom's problems would be solved if I could run it in software mode, and I know there's an option to do that in the menu - which I can't reach, because the game's video isn't working.

So, is there a command-line argument, ini file setting, or anything at all that I can use to start GZDoom in software mode directly? I'm using ZDL as a frontend if it helps.


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By the way, mods that require GZDoom specifically instead of ZDoom usually do so because they require OpenGL rendering to look right. There's no other significant difference in their feature sets.

GZDoom's software mode is strictly identical to ZDoom's renderer. Don't expect models, truecolor, dynlights, etc. in software.

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Well I usually play on a proper gaming box, but I'm away from home now and stuck with this crappy old laptop for the time being...

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