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Kontra Kommando

Big Brother's Shotty Equipment : 17,000 Red Light Tickets Dismissed

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Real waste of money and resources. I've always been an opponent of red light cameras. But at least even the state is probably remorseful about the program; serves them right. 17,000 red-light tickets have been dismissed because of the inaccuracy of the cameras. After 90 days, the charges had expired. There are 17,000 people out there that had no idea there were even potentially going to get a ticket. I'm sure if it was a smaller number, they probably would have doled out those tickets. But 17,000 would have caused an uproar. They don't really care if the cameras are accurate or not. Once I made a right on red, where you legal could, but I was given a ticket for running the light. I called the police to dispute it, and the officer reply, "Come on, its only $85." I was furious.

Lets see, each ticket is about $85, multiply that by 17,000, and that's about $1,455,000 they missed out on. Not that they even deserve that money in the first place for most of those cases.

The cameras were created and propped up for the state by a private company as well.

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