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Tall Sky Graphics

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I'm trying to insert a tall sky (256x200) into a .WAD file with XWE. I added P_START/P_END entries, then loaded a patch (my bitmap) and named it RSKY3 (sticking that in between the P_* entries). The end result is that I see the top 128 pixels of my new sky in ZDoom, but not the whole thing.

So, what am I missing?

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You replaced the patch. Now you need to fix the texture. Copy the texture1 lump into your wad, find sky1 in said lump and change its height from 128 to 200.

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If it's for ZDoom only, you can also just name the graphic SKY3 and put it between TX_START and TX_END markers.

I find 200px tall skies are kind of short, the sky only reaches to the horizon, which can look bad with certain typical Doom constructs. I'd stretch it out or extend it to 256px tall if you can, or at least 228px, but I guess it depends on your map.

edit: Lots of ports support TX_* apparently. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/TX_START

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