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Serious Sam 3 thread. This game is actually an awesome arena shooter.

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I have just started playing Serious Sam 3. This is the most Doom like game to come out recently. There are large arenas as well as interiour areas and the amount of monsters is quite impressive. This game is heaps of fun to play, the massive boss monsters are challenging to battle; but never frustrating at all. I love the way your gun is covered with blood when you kill a monster up close. I wish that a new Doom game set on Earth could use this engine. This would provide very Doom like game-play.


Cairo museum.


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It has the best smoke/dust effects I've ever seen in a game. Very pretty after launching a huge payload of rockets into a horde and seeing the sunbeams and shadows cast through, even if it begins to hamper aim after a while.

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>this would provide very Doom-like gameplay
>giant square hallway that takes forever to run through and spews out enemies

nah, but seriously, the Serious Sam series isn't that bad, really. it is very not Doom-like, though, as i can't remember anything from any Doom mod that i felt was replicated very well in Serious Sam.

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