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vanilla Heretic/Hexen configs for GZDB?

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Finally going about switching fully to GZDoomBuilder, it doesn't have any configs for vanilla Heretic or Hexen though. I can probably make some without too much trouble by copying over the ones from DB and editing them a bit, but maybe someone has done this already?

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IIRC the config format changed between DB2 and GZDB at some point. Given that they're very modular, though, you can copy the ZDoom_HereticDoom.cfg and ZDoom_HexenHexen.cfg, rename them to Heretic_HereticDoom.cfg and Hexen_HexenHexen.cfg, then edit the files to remove ZDoom-related stuff.

The base config files are less than 80 lines long, and you'll basically only have to delete a few lines, and edit a few others in obvious ways.

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