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NADA is entering season 2

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NADA are duel tournaments hosted on odamex. Its entering 2 season already and sign-ups are now open.
There is plenty of changes from last season. Biggest change is enabling PWO in all tournaments which is more friendly for many players.
Another big change is season last now for only 3 months + 1 month of invite tournament.
Another big change is NADA is not only hosted on american servers now. There will every month one tournamnt on US server and one on EU server. You can join both, doesnt matter from what you are country.
If you join both tournaments you get only points from tournament where you get more points. So its more than recomend join both tournaments every month for raising your chance to be invited to final tournament. You can read more info here. http://doomleague.org/forums/index.php?topic=293.0#new

Also signup threads can be find here http://doomleague.org/forums/index.php?board=2.0

For this ppl which still dont have odamex, bcz they lived on mars to this time, you can download last version here http://odamex.net/ :)

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