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New Maps E2M5 and E2M9

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For us that play e2m3 now they are redone in e2m5 (i see some other post is going to replace it, think) and the E2M9 is the merge whit bonus from old e1m8 and e2m8 including ever a cyberdemon, i'm a bit bored for screens shots if you want to see wait a bit i'll sure upload later.

Obs: us may notice a newtextures.wad togheter on download this is requiried to play e2m5.

Fraggle try to upload it please :D

EDIT: I'm a dump forgeting the download link... http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/mnx%2BcCuSOPPsvv0IrDGSOcGSMaIakD%2B8


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i dont think they going to replace e2m5 since i already did the map the last year unless you mean these levels are for other wad (since i only did the maps for Freedoom 2 (or Phase 2) and Freedoom (Phase 1)

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about that i did a map that i supposed was going to replace my map15 since i wasnt sure if people liked the map i did in that time, but Rjy the map15 was fine so he would prefeer to use the new map for an unfinished map in Phase2. i already released the map but dont know what fate it got in the end

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Protox clarified that e2m5.wad is actually an updated version of E2M4. This is all now committed!

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