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Resident Evil 4: DooM the mercenaries GZDooM/zandronum

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The mod was released various months ago.

Video trailer


download link

(gzdoom version)

(zandronum version)


Credits, influences and special thanks:

Resident Evil Saga by Capcom.
CSB200 by Doomero.
WW-DIAZ mod by wildweasel.
UTNT mod by tormentor667.
Ultimate Super Doom 3 mod by Doomero.
Super Doom 3 take II by DBThanatos.
That space amazon by RSL

DARKLEFAUX // for support me lot of times with the sounds, ideas and resources.
ENJAY // for help me with FSGLOBAL (not used more for this new version, but still present)
Blue SHADOW // for help me to solve the problem of the player class screen, the inverse map when the char enter to danger state and the use of the property PROP_BUDDHA.
FIRELORD // principalmente ideas, me sirvio tu wea de idea sobre la munición en los mapas.
KURAMA HIWA DAISUKE // por tener tanta paciencia esperando el mod y sobre todo aportando con ideas.
DOOMEROS INC facebook group
DBTHANATOS AND AEOD TEAM// decorates from take II and some visuals (blood and smoke).
DOOMGUY // no sé porqué, pero igual.
PSYCHOSILVERTH // por prestarme tus imagenes de las llaves red, blue y yellow para el screen.
ASAF ALCALÁ TINÁH // beta tester.
TERMINUSEST13 // ACS, ideas.
THEDIEGOMULA // aunque no lo puse en el trailer, la intro que hiciste del antiguo DooM the Mercenaries quedo genial.

Music from mercenaries RE4 : Composer(s): Shusaku Uchiyama, Misao Senbongi.
Music from mercenaries RE5 : Composer(s): Kota Suzuki, Wataru Hokoyama.
Music from mercenaries RE6 : Composer(s): Wataru Hachisako, Akihiko Narita, Yasuyuki Tsujino, Azusa Kato, Kota Suzuki, & Akiyuki Morimoto.

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Just from seeing videos - quite impressive concept and execution, actually it is, how a pseudo-3rd-person Doom works (even with the hi-res versus pixelated graphics). However, I somehow doubt that a serious Doom player would persist to play this mod for longer than just a one-time blast to see the mod in action, and I personally (honestly) don't feel an urge to do even that. I can only speak for myself, though, and I'm generally not into gameplay mods that much. I hope you have other target audience or just feel satisfaction from developing and finishing this mod, so that it was worth the effort put into it. Once again - congratulations!

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Last time I tried this mod the player sprites were cut off at the edges of the screen whenever I went into ironsights mode.

Was that just me, or does it still happen?

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