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Doom wads|mods (wad, pk3, other)

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Some time ago, I was interesting to looking wads|mods for Doom, but find some problems with it(map compilations only, not much time for it).

So I interesting in wads|mods, which:
- Do a variety of gameplay|extension it.
- No new weapons, ammo, etc. Minimum adding/replacing enemies, ammo replace, etc is allowed.
- Without distracting aesthetically(graphics quality, stylistics).
- Arsenal balance(without powerful weapons like Russian Overkill and other similar mods), maps(without undue confined spaces, fire from all sides, etc)(if is), situations(without kinks, shoals, especially excessive)(maps, if is).

By just maps(not mods), I interesting in big and more size maps, which has:
- Excellent design(like original Doom 1-2 and more advanced than originals). {not only Doom 1-2 map remakes}
- Balance(see latest point for wads|mods).
- Playable for single and co-op.

Optional requirements(not important in another words):
- Brutal Doom compatibility(I use Brutal_Zandro_SE.pk3). Minimal non critical errors(game runs and works without shutdowns), non logging but fixable conflict is allowed. {if any wad|mod dont work with BD or you dont know about it, honest write about it}
- Zandronum compatibility/support(I use 1.2).

Be glad for detail descriptions from playing wads|mods in single and/or co-op.

Doom RPG - as I understand, compatible with DoomRL Arsenal. But works under GZDoom and has non standart way for creating a working build.
Doomguy Visor Hud - Interesting from similarity to Metroid Prime helmet.
Metroid Dreadnought - Metroid(SuperMetroid|MetroidPrime) wad. v1 final released, four maps(one PvE, three Deathmatch), further development is possible(dont know about map compilations). Fully compatible with Zandronum and Brutal Doom, but with last has conflicts, which not logging(no errors).
Satanic Redux + NecroRunner Mode - interested in difficulty. Not compatible with Zandronum - critical errors while launching.
Samsara - another FPS characters. Currently, except Doomguy, avaliable Corvus, Chex, B.J. Blazkowicz, Parias, Duke Nukem, Security Officer(Marathon main character?), Ranger(Quake). Probably will be another characters(one of videos has main character from Unreal). Version is 0.3(presently). Fully compatible with Zandronum and Brutal Doom, but while launching report about not critical error(yellow color).

Other examples:
Legacy of Suffering
The Ultimate Torment & Torture


As ideas:
- System Shock 1|2 TC.
- Warhammer 40K TC.
- RTS|Mini-RTS Mod.
- Doom RPG for Zandronum (dont find working wad|mod)
- (with Doom RPG as option) Random Maps Generator
- Stealth system (Thief based) [maybe will be not very well, but wanna believe in maps for this if mod will possible]
- Improved|Advanced Bots/AI Bots (find standart bots actions strange. Try on Jenesis wad)

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