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Post Video/Photo of your game collection..

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A video of mine...

I've got lots of things that doesn't show as well..

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A while back, I took a bunch of photos of the individual items in my Doom collection. Here's a montage of them:

There are a few things that seem to be missing from there, mostly things that I've bought since I took the photo. I also have a bunch of Reaper miniatures that aren't in the photo.

Actual (non-montage) photos: games, books and reaper minis. Biggest missing things: I now have CD copies of Perdition's Gate and Hell to Pay, and one of those boxed sets of Reaper minis that were re-released last year (see my thread from last year).

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Just my boxed stuff for now, sitting above me.

A tragic story about that Dark Forces II box: I bought it from a Half-Price Books as it was like ten dollars. I noticed the factory tape had been cut open, I guess to see if the contents were inside, and then replaced with some sloppy packing tape. I figured, at first, that the box was simply used, and that's why it was opened already. Surely HFB wouldn't dare take a mint game and break its seal, right?

Well, I open it to see for myself, and good god, it fucking smelled brand new. The CDs looked like they had never been touched, and the manuals are crisp, and either this thing was originally opened by some one who just wanted to look at the stuff, or HFB tore it open (Possibly explaining ten dollar price tag, or they didn't see the value in it. For a long time now they've had the Dino Crisis big PC box, sorta beat up and resealed, for forty dollars.

Ah well, get what you pay for. But I want a mint sealed copy for my pipe dream of having the box signed by the game's live action cast members. Weird as it sounds, Christopher Neame (Jerec) I heard lives in or near San Fran and Jason Court (Kyle Katarn) owns a vineyard and wineshop in the midwest.


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Too lazy to gather everything up an take a photo. So here's a list:

-Warcraft 3 battlechest
-Starcraft battlechest
-Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
-World of Warcraft
-WoW: The Burning Crusade
-WoW: Wrath of the Lich King
-Wow: Cataclysm
-Doom 3
-Battlefield 1942 collection
-Oblivion Game of the Year Edition
-Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom

And I think that's it.

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in terms of Doom stuff, i have The Depths of Doom Trilogy, Collector's Edition, The Ultimate Doom on jewel-case, a kind of shovelware CD of Doom there exists so many of, a few copies of Doom 3 for the PC as well as Resurrection of Evil, Doom 3 and RoE for the Xbox, as well as a limited edition plated-box of Doom 3. i also have a big-box of Heretic, but not the original one, it's the Shadow of the Serpent Riders release.

as for the rest of it, i'd have to take some pictures of it.

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