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Eureka editor - align texture with left mouse button

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I haven't implemented any way to rebind mouse buttons yet. It is one of the high priority tasks.

The ability to raise/lower sectors in 3D mode is also not done. I think I call it "3D Preview" in various places, since it has no real editing capabilities apart from the texture offsetting. What you can do now is use sector mode, select the sector, change to 3D preview and press the keys to raise/lower a floor or ceiling: . , < > for floors and [ ] { } for ceilings.

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Thanks for the feedback, it is indeed useful.

XCOPY said:

- At first I missed the linedef drawing tool, until I decided to press insert in vertices edit mode. It wasn't obvious at first, for me. I almost made a small rant about how I missed said feature.

Yes there should be in a beginner's tutorial. Documentation is sorely lacking right now.

- Editor shouldn't load an IWAD map I guess. It should open a blank one instead, to avoid the risk of the user from corrupting IWAD data. Not trivial, just an observation.

The IWAD is never modified -- if the user tries to save an IWAD map then the Export-to-a-file dialog will open instead.

A merge button somewhere in the interface should make it more user friendly, but that needs deeper brainstorming as there might be a better alternative for that

Yeah, a toolbar is probably needed -- at the moment Eureka is very keyboard orientated.

For the 3D preview, slopes will be possible to add. Colormaps too. 3D floors however may be too hard to support in Eureka's renderer. I cannot use code from source ports because Eureka's renderer uses a quite different method (one which does not require a BSP tree).

Hexen support is a high priority feature, it needs quite a lot of changes in the code to support it though (due to extra Thing properties, extra LineDef properties, etc). The config file will likely be the easiest part to do.

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