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Creative Works Forum Rules - Please Read

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Okay kids. As I'm taking off where TSTuke left off (nine years ago and counting), I guess it's time to outline some guidelines and rules for the newbies and anyone who needs a little reassurance on what's a cool and what's not. Let's hope this baby does its magic.

If you're new to the Doomworld forums and have not done so already, read the FAQ
Read it? Good. Read ahead then.

As you can guess, this section of the DW forum is where people can show off their creative work.

To help make life easy for you, I've listed a bunch of DOs and DON'Ts that the admins and I have agreed would be appropriate for this forum. Some you'll be fresh with. Others you won't.



  • Good:
  • Drawings, sketches, paintings, pastel\crayon pictures, and/or all other sorts of mixed media in between.
  • Digital art via computer software, scans that have been coloured in, etc.
  • 3D modelling (3dsmax, lightwave, etc)
  • Sculpture (clay, mudrock, stone, sculpey, paper mache, etc).
  • Collages, either mosaics or the fancy desktops types etc.
  • Artistic photography.
  • Music (remixes, original creations, MIDIs)
  • Fan-made\self created music videos and flash animations. Be sure to credit the author of the song. This one has been discussed. Ensure that its your work or else it'll be moved or helled as appropriate.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Comics, comic strips, web comics.
  • (Fan) fiction, mod concepts, poetry.
  • (Detailed) discussions of other doomartists\writers work. Don't turn this into a spamfest.
  • Website designs
  • Art assets for .wad projects (textures, sprites, music, sounds).

    Keep this up.

  • A thread in the wrong forum. This will be moved to appropriate forum or helled if it's just taking the piss.
  • Casual photography (selfies, group photos with friends, blog stuff).
  • Image macros / "meme" pictures. This rule can be a little lenient, but if you just begin making garbage quality trollshit, it's going to be helled.
  • Posting someone elses work, especially a Doomworlder's, and claiming it as your own.
  • Ponies. (As of August 2021 ponies are okay)

    Don't do it.


Fanworks can either be doom or non-doom related. All creative works must follow the forum rules. If its not worksafe, users must make it clear in the thread title. If unsure ask a mod or admin for their advice.

In other words be aware of this rule in particular, applying to the images that you post (and maybe fics etc to some extent):


No images that you would not want your grandmother to see. This includes pornography, [...] images of ultraviolence, seizure-inducing animated GIFs, etc etc. If you break this rule you WILL be banned IMMEDIATELY.

We'll generally allow (for example) a drawing involving tasteful levels of nudity, or imagery with gore comparable to the amount depicted in Doom itself. Any porn, hentai, goatsex, impsex, goreporn, Swiss Army Knife murder fantasy stories, and the like will be dealt with seriously.

Otherwise, although the other mods may make some exceptions, you may find that posting creative work somewhere else will have been moved to this forum. If it does, don't take it the wrong way. I'm sure it'll make no difference to the thread's success.

Due to the slower activity in this section, and also the nature of the artistic process, rules regarding necrobumping are more lenient to a degree. If you're the creator of the thread that's a month or two old (or collaborating with the user who did) and you wish to bump it with an update to a work in process, you are encouraged to do so. However, if you're just an admirer, do not bump old threads unless you plan on leaving a well detailed and thought out critique.

That's it. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or the other mods\admins. Enjoy your stay and we'll be looking forward to see what you can pull off. :^)


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