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Voxel Scale Problem, help appreciate.

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Hello !

My Problem: http://i.imgur.com/F5byS9M.jpg

Im trying to convert a 3D Model to a Voxel with poly2vox tool.

I have success with the conversion. My problem is with the size of the voxel object.

To insert the voxel on GZDoom Builder i put the voxel file 'FER1A0.KVX' inside the voxel folder of my wad pack.

On DECORATE file i put this settings:

actor Ferrari 15331
//$Title "Ferrari"

Radius 8
Height 32
FER1 A -1


And in VOXELDEF file i put this settings:

FER1 = "FER1A0"
Scale = 0.3


What im doing Wrong ???

Really appreciate your help.

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I solved the problem.

Scale for High Res Voxel objects now ok.

The picture above is not a MD2, MD3 file is a .KVX VOXEL converted in 2 minutes using the free milions 3d model database of SketchUP, poly2vox tool and koffset to fix the pivot points.

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