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High Res Voxel Objects vs 256 voxel with Google Sketchup.

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Hello Doomers,

What do you think about use a 3D objects from Google Sketchup and converts very easy to a High Res Voxel ?

Its possible, i converted this Jeep (need adjusts) in less than 1 minute in a few clicks ! :)


On the screen i show the command prompt with the result of poly2vox command line. And in Doom Engine the Voxel Car (256) of great pack from user NerdKoopa to compare.

Tell what you think in this objects to decorate the maps !

about size of .kvx file: 3.36mb

NerdKoopa car size: 134.37 kb

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This is the 256 version ( size of .kv file: 597 kbytes )

No errors in conversion.

I preffer with more resolution. ( >256 voxel conversion )

What do you think ?

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1024 res bridge converted in 2 minutes from 3D warehouse Sketchup.

poly2vox bridge.3ds bridge.kvx /v1024

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In love with this conversion voxel method, its very fast to create a full scene. If you like too, join with me to create a new website with Voxel Assets for ZDOOM and GZOOM...

( i hope voxel support for others source ports in future ! like Zandronum ).

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Hello again, what do you preffer ?

THE LEFT SIDE a 512 poly2vox Conversion | THE RIGH SIDE a 1024 poly2vox conversion.

LEFT: 700 kbytes
RIGTH: 3.650 MB :(

Conversion Time: 2 minutes

STEPS i do: Just opened Sketchup, opened integrate 3D warehouse inside the sketchup, choose the model, export to .3ds, convert with poly2vox on commandline, fix the pivots of new .kvx file with other command line, insert the .kvx inside of my custom .pk3 voxel pack, Finished !

Original Model from: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=7d30f0a5e61c6582715c9812e1643730

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Are you doing this with the Sketchup Make or does it require the Pro at $590.00? Has it stopped working after 8 hours?

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Hi, im using the pro version. Yes the free version has limitations this is bad :/.

In April 26, 2012, Sketchup team break the partner with Google and join to other company called Trimble. After this the free version doesnt exist anymore... :(

See the official post: http://sketchupdate.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/new-home-for-sketchup.html

The lasted free version of Trimble Skechup is 8, has no time limitation and works integrated with '3D Warehouse', therefore dont have a .3ds export feature, because its a PRO version only feature too.

Download of SketchUp 8.0.16846 from oldeversion.com:


Maybe if you want to try, you can reduce your costs using the 8 oldversion with the 3ds export plugin from Sycode US179,00


i didnt find a .3ds free export plugin yet and i didnt try this option,so i dont know if the conversion method will works fine with this low cost bundle.

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This is neat, but it shows how unwieldy voxels are once you get above the blockiest detail levels. 5 megs for a school bus? You can think how quickly filesize would get out of hand once you started plonking a lot of objects around.

It sounds ridiculous, but it would almost be superior to be able to just store the .3ds model in the file and have poly2vox integrated with ZDoom somehow.

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i agree with you. Im working with /v1024 for large 3d objects file (bridges for example).

For cars, furniture, vegetation, etc, im using /v512 option, the size will be between 150 kbytes and 2,5 mb.

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Automatically converting Models to Voxels in Zdoom would be a great idea if it didn't take minutes for just one thingie at a time. Maybe it'd be acceptable if it did it at startup... but it might eat into RAM a bit.

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Sorry friend I will give my view, I do not see the automatic conversion of 3D models in voxel inside the engine like a good idea, is to take an unnecessary workload, that is not the point.

What I see is an opportunity to improve voxel support in engine.

SketchUP is one of the most easiest 3D modeling tool, we can use to create and planning a entire map with it.

I think the First step is that with using this conversion method, if it please everyone and enthuse the pessoar to start a mass conversion and creation of new voxel ojects to create a new website/community where everyone can upload the models within certain patterns, taking into account mainly the size in bytes.

Once we have the site with these various models, the second step is perform integration of 'GZDOOM Builder'/'Doom Builder' tools for selecting the models directly from the site, so we would have an integrated ASSET STORE, is exactly how the engines operate today as Unity and Unreal Engine.

see: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/
and https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace

The platform is now Doom has it all, except that everything is scattered here within the forum.

Everyone creates their objects, sprites, maps and wads, but everything is scattered into posts.

What I think would be great for the evolution of this platform is the creation of that asset store, we start first with these models Voxel, if people think it's cool and the acceptance is good.

I will start creating an asset store with objects in Voxel, anyone interested in creating support for GZDOOM Builder to connect asset to this store please contact me.

The start was given.

Sorry my (google translator) english

Tell me guys what do you think about ?

Look the ScreenShot the Unity Asset Store can push the WebSite Asset Store

And now the IDEA is GZDOOM BUILDER, this is a proof of concecpt image:

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