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Titlepic format problem

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Hello, I was trying to change the titlepic image for a map i'm working on (and it was my first attempt at it), But, unlike a tutorial I saw, when I exported the titlepic graphic from doom2.wad the image was in ".lmp" format (that's a demo format, isnt it?), when the tutorial guy had a .bmp image. Anyways, I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my version of doom2.wad or if i'm not using the right software. Neither photoshop or paint seem to be able to open the file.

Thanks in advance!

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If you're working with Boom or vanilla you'll need to have your TITLEPIC in Doom Format, which isn't recognized by most programs. If there's a Doom Format picture in a wad you want to alter, open it in SLADE and use the "Export as PNG" option. Also bear in mind that a TITLEPIC usually needs to be 320X200 pixels large.

And demos are in "lmp" format, not "lpm". :)

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Just to correct a possible misconception, the .lmp extension designates a lump file of any kind, not necessarily a demo. Doom can even load non-demo .lmp files using the -file parameter just like WADs; for example, if you have a custom titlepic (in Doom image format, of course!), you can use it by running DOOM -FILE TITLEPIC.LMP. Note that due to a bug, this only works if the .lmp file is the same size as the original lump, which makes this feature kinda useless for anything but full-screen images and flats.

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