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Monster that is only vulnerable in a specific sector?

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Hello, I'm gonna make a mini boss fight against dracula, and the idea is to make him vulnerable when he walks inside a sector with a lot of light. Is it possible to make an immortal monster only vulnerable inside a specific sector? I know i'm asking too much out of this good old game but it would be so neat if I could do this.

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I doubt there's a way to do it in vanilla. You could do it in ZDoom for sure (using, for example, the UDMF map format).

There's probably much smarter ways to achieve the goal, but I would make Dracula invulnerable by default, surround the light sectors with monster activated linedefs, and those linedefs would turn off his invulnerability when he crosses them.

Of course, you'd also want outer linedefs to restore his invulnerability when he comes out of the sector. I'd put them 32px behind the first linedefs (out of the light). Better to give the player some leeway (being able to potentially shoot Dracula as he is technically not quite into the light) than the other way around.

Edit: here's an example map, made for my own edification

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Some source ports have an "actor enters/leaves sector" object. Use it to activate a vulnerability script.

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Thanks for answering. I'm using Doom in Hexen format, are you saying it won't be possible with that format? Anyways, the other problem I have with the linedefs solution given by phml is that dracula has a teleport ability, so he would easily appear in the spotlight without crossing any linedef.

Edit: theformat i'm using has the "actor enters sector" thing. where can I find information on how to use it?

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