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Undead Merc

Duum 2 Super. A forgetton Total Conversion

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One of the first Total Conversions for Doom 2 i've ever played was Duum 2 Super which is a cartoon stye mod that replaces the sprites and sounds of both the enemies and weapons to give it a very psychedelic feel. I just found it old that this mod was so overlooked and felt like posting it here. I found it on Doomwadstation in the Total Conversion list. You can download it here:

There's also a remake of this mod called Duum 2 Super:Bloody Dream Yoyage:

I almost forgot. There's a sequal in development called Duum 2 Ultra. You can download it here:

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I couldn't help, but mention this. I wanted upload this wad myself, but
i'm having trouble doing so since there's no readme. Can someone upload
this to idgames?

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