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Help with vanilla deep liquid effect.

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Can anyone tell me why my deep nukage pool on the upper level of my map is glitching? The linedefs look setup correctly, as far as I can tell they're referencing the correct sector. My lower level deep nukage pool works correctly so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the upper pool. Sorta hard to see in the screenshot but very obvious when you load the map..

I'm a fairly nooby mapper so I apologize if the answer to this is something obvious that I'm missing.

This is a MAP01 replacement for vanilla TNT that is in a very early rough state so there will be plenty of ugly geometry and texture mis-alignments for you not to pay attention to.

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The self-referencing sector linedefs should be a referencing a separate sector. i.e. right now you have
-linedefs that point to sector 31 one one side, and the non-nukage sector on the other side, which is fine
-linedefs that point to sector 31 on one side, and 269 on the other side - these need to go
-linedefs that point to sector 269 on both sides, which is what is needed for deep water.

Basically instead of sector 269 being a self-referencing sector right now, it's just a normal sector with some internal linedefs.

I hope this makes sense, if not I can try to fix your map later or maybe someone else will explain it better...

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Yes what you said does make sense and with your help I got it fixed by deleting the outer set of lines.

I think I had been trying to make a sort of step under the nukage, but it was completely unnecessary, so I got rid of the extra lines. It's been about a year since Ive messed around with this map and now that I've picked it up again I'm not sure where I was going with a few things...

Thank you for taking a look and helping me out.

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