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What is your favorite source port for demo recording (especially multiplayer)?

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Doom is one of the first (if not the first) fps games to support demo recording. Sadly, there has never been a real standard for multiplayer demos after the source code was released. Quake demo support has only been fragmented to three protocols (netquake, quakeworld, and Darkplaces). Quake 2 and most modern games aren't really fragmented at all when it comes to demo recording standards. Doom has several different source ports with several different protocols, and in some ports demos aren't compatible with other versions of the same port!

So my question is... what source ports do you like the best for demo recording, especially multiplayer?

IMO, these are the best ports for multiplayer demo recording:

1. JDoom 1.8.6 (record in console from any point in the game, regardless if single player or multi player. Unfortunately it requires OpenGL and won't run anything more advance than limit-removing wads. In addition, demos will only run with this specific port, and possibly this specific version. Only time will tell on the latter...)

2. Odamex (best for software renderer, and the most advanced of all the ports listed. record in console from any point in a multiplayer match, and can begin a single player demo recording from console. Sadly, the protocol is still a work in progress and demo compatibility is not guaranteed at this point.)

3. Boom (Not a moving target, so demos can be played on most versions of prboom-plus with full compatibility. Sadly requires Dosbox on most systems and requires recording a demo from the command line (bleh!).

4. Chocolate Doom (better than Boom in regards of portability, but is limited in what wads are supported.)

Note: I have purposefully not included zdaemon on this list (closed source).

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Well, ZDaemon actually seems quite convenient for this stuff, with even 10 years old demos playing back fine and lots of cool features such as fully functional rewind.

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ZDaemon is the only major port to remain closed source. It is also very bad in terms of portability, being available for windows and nothing else. Even with wine, it's only available for the x86 architexture.

That's why I don't include it in this list. Being big on free and open source myself, I don't particularly care for zdaemon. I also like the idea of running the same port on as many devices as possible.

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All serious speedrunners use prboom-plus. Attempts to increase EE's demo compatibility to catch up failed to impress them apparently :P

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But prboom-plus seems terrible for multiplayer, at least it was completely unplayable when we tried it with Plut on Requiem map13 (very laggy and weird unresponsive mouse for both players).

Regarding ZDaemon, Lyfe posts Mac builds on the forum actually. No comment on the religious stuff. :p

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