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Enemies in doom are not showing

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xbobby64 said:

Can someone tell my why this is Happening?

No, not without the WAD they can't. Best guess would be incorrect difficulty/game type flags?

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Another easy mistake is a wrong configuration of Doom Builder's "Test map" button. If you click one of the icons with a little cacodemon corpse, the map will be launched with no monsters in it.

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scifista42 said:
By the way, I can see strips of a sky texture on the road's borders (in GZDoom).

Yea I know,I used that to make a invisible wall so the enemies ignore you,is there some other way to make a invisible wall without the gap?

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Yes, there is: "Block Everything" linedef flag.

EDIT: But be careful: This flag doesn't block sound. You need a pair of "Block Sound" flagged lines on each side of the road, to stop sound propagation to the monster's place.

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