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Weird screen resize bug causes a fatal error in Zandronum

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For some reason, this keeps popping up whenever I try to play Zandronum:

I don't know why this is happening. It was working fine this morning, and no one else has been on my Laptop today. What's going on, and how can I fix it (especially now that I can't even access the Video settings on it)?

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What resolution is your laptop running at?

You should find a file called zandronum-your_user_name.ini in your Zandronum folder. Open it in notepad or another text editor, and search for vid_defheight. Changing the numbers on that line and the line below it, vid_defwidth, will let you set the resolution. If you're not sure what to set it as, pick something safe like vid_defheight=400 and vid_defwidth=640 which should let you start Zandronum up at least.

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OK, I tried to do what you said and I found that, oddly, the vid_def*****s were already set to 640x400. :/

Well, I changed the values to 640 and 400, but for some reason the error still persists and still tries to set it to 1360x768 (my Laptop's resolution is 1366x768).

I'm so lost...

(Why is everything going wrong now??)

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OK, now it's just trolling me.

I fiddled with the Stillbob settings and now it's giving me this:

... Which can only be something to do with skulltag_data.pk3, which I always have loaded.

What's going ON??

[EDIT]: Never mind, I got it to work fine by simply restarting the computer. *Facepalm*

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Looked like you were loading the definition files twice, which was why it was complaining about zandronum.pk3 importing variables.

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