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Strafe jump?

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After playing the game for a really long time I independently developed this technique on my own through slow realization of various motions that made you move slightly faster and putting them all together. I pretty much never play the single player campaigns any more without hopping down the hallways in crazy arc-like patterns. I have on occasion beat certain triggers and even broken the game a couple times by doing this TOO effectively.

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Up until now I didn't know it was possible in Doom 3. I doubt I will use it, because Doom 3's tight corridors don't give as much oppotunity for such movements as Quake's maps do, but it's great that the possibility is there.

Also, is "Phrantic" (a map featured in the video) by default in Doom 3? It's a very popular map in CPMA / Quake Live. I didn't know there was a conversion for Doom 3.

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In other id games I always simply held space when still in mid-air after the first jump. Those games then "buffered" the next jump, which was executed as soon as you touched the ground. I'm not sure if the same mechanics works in Doom 3 and I don't have it installed right now to check it.

XCOPY said:

EDIT: Nevermind, I was trying on BFG Edition, bunnyhopping is a bit harder there I think.

Damn, they nerf everything these days! :/

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