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MOD Music Webpage Creator or Online Music System Webpage

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Hello Doomers,

Are you a webdeveloper ?

What do think in create a Page that you can search and select Musics from Groove Shark, or other big music site and after you selected all the musics that you want the site makes a respective package .wad for your MOD !

Or even going further, put a system inside the engine where you can create a playlist on a website and the ENGINE of the game reads this playlist and plays music according to the playlist you generated ONLINE.

Or just create a plugin/code to engine that can connect to grooveshark or spoty, for example and play playlists inside the doom engine... :D





or others...

Im not a developer but, XMBC development have a lot of pratical examples that can be easly understandble by developers.

Look the ADDONS for XBMC project and you will understand how this work:


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