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problem with custom sprite

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hey, i need some help with some sprites. i was unable to find the solution, so i hope you can help me.

i want to add a simple static sprite to a map. so, i have created a .PNG file called FLNZA0. i imported this file into my .wad file.

the decorate definition looks something like this:

actor pflanze
Game Doom
Radius 16
Height 16
DeathHeight 16
health 0
mass 10000000


FLNZ A -1 a_setshootable


this definition worked before, i just replaced the name of the graphic.

so, it won't load the sprite. something is there, because i can shoot it and there's a blood splatter but the sprite itself is invisible, as in, it's not there.

i'm close to loosing my mind... what's wrong? plz help me. how to add a simple static custom sprite to a map?

thank you

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