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About textures in a .pk3

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Sometimes I find that out of a whole texture pack only 2 o 3 suit my needs, yet for some reason I need to add them all in the .pk3, or else there are errors, like it needs the whole pack to work. Is there a way to add certain textures so as to keep file size to a minimun?

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It's best to just use Slade 3 to make a .Pk3 file (or open the one you already have), and then create a new directory called "TEXTURES" if you haven't already done so.

Then open up the resource file you want to use and look through it's TEXTURES directory until you find the textures you're looking for. If it doesn't have one, then try double-clicking on and searching through any TEXTURES or TEXTURE1 lumps.

"But what if the textures you want to use refer to patches that aren't present in the resource file and they have missing bits?" I hear you say.

Well, the easy-but-hamfisted way is to take a good look at the names of the patches it uses, but aren't present, and then do a filter search for each of them in Doom 2.WAD (Isn't it nice that Slade 3 can open multiple files at once?).

Whenever you find one, copy it into the resource file in the appropriate places. Then reload (close and reopen) the TEXTURES/TEXTURE1 lump.

Does it appear all nice and normal? If it does, then hurray! Now you could do a few things, but since all you need are like, four or so textures, you can right-click and hit "export to file" and save it as a .PNG. No sweat right?

Now go back to the .Pk3 you wanted to put the new textures into, go into the TEXTURES directory and place the textures into there. Save it and run.

It should work if you did it right. It did for me when I tried it.

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It seems I made a mistake, you see, I said textures when in fact I meant patches. In fact I don't use textures at all.

I do use Slade 3, and the problem seems to be that whenever I export and then import patches into my PK3, they don't show unless I have ALL the patches in that folder. Does it happen to everyone else or there's something else I might be doing wrong? I'm new to all this, by the way

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Do you put the textures/patches into a "textures" subfolder inside the .pk3, or "patches" subfolder, or no subfolder? Do you use a text-based TEXTURES lump to define textures, or a .wad based TEXTURE1?

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