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Visplane Explorer 1.0 released

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Announcing the version 1.0 release of Visplane Explorer, the stand-alone program to visualize potential visplane overflow errors in DOOM maps.

The main new feature in 1.0 is support for the games Hexen and Strife. Other changes listed below.

Thanks again to printz for making the MacOS X package.

LINK: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/?n=VisExp.Main

CHANGES in 1.0 (since 0.92)
+ support Hexen and Strife maps
+ validate a loaded map (e.g. vertex number out of range)
+ Next map / Previous map functions

- ability to pause the calculations
- removed limit on maximum window size
- fixed 'Heat Map' setting being reset after opening a new file or map
- the Visplane (etc) settings in View menu are now radio buttons

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