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"Protected lump authentication failed" [Zandronum}

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Hey, look! Another newb question from a Member!

So, whenever I try to connect to a Zandronum server, it always says this:

Lump authentication failed.
Please make sure you have the right WADs loaded, and try again.
I obviously have WADSeeker configured to download any PWADs needed, and this happens on all servers.

How can I resolve this?

Also, is there a way to carry over all your configurations when you update Zandronum?

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Are you autoloading anything?
Have you modified the IWAD?
Have you modified zandronum.pk3?

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I always have a ton of skins autoloaded, as well as skulltag_data.PK3 and skulltag_resources.PK3.
Keep in mind Zandronum always works properly in Single player... :/

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Well yeah, but in online mode everyone must have the exact same data for critical parts of the game, or sync isn't possible.

Skins that are just skins and nothing else shouldn't matter, but the skulltag_stuff.pk3 might, especially if they're modified.

The message would be more helpful if it said which lumps failed to be authenticated, though.

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On 9/12/2014 at 2:21 PM, BaronOfStuff said:

Remove the skullktag_data/actors.pk3 files from being autoloaded. These are causing your problem.

how do i do it?

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