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-turbo values for common speed tricks?

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I would like to know what are the -turbo values one could use to simulate the speed increase of common speedrunning tricks without having to actually perform them. Doomwiki mentions sr40 being a 128% speed increase over regular forward run and sr50 being a 141% one, so I suppose -turbo 128 and -turbo 141 respectively should work. Some of the tricks I don't know values for:

- Rocket jump
- sr50 + monster glide (see stx-Vile's e2m7 speedrun if you don't know what I'm talking about)
- wallrun
- sr50 + Arch-vile blast
- SSG bump

Feel free to mention other values (like sr50 + getting shot by shotgunner from behind) if you're a Doom expert and this is trivial for you :)

Does anyone have any idea?

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Quite difficult question since the speed cap is 30distance/tic north, south, west and east. So if you are doing the tricks directly north, rocket jump is 30d/t, but north-east it would be over 30d/t (dunno what's the value) because the speed cap is 30*sqrt(2) north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east. With boosted wallrun the cap is 60d/t directly north and north-east probably 60*sqrt(2), reaching over 80d/t speed (this one is really difficult to do, happens when one goes void, but it's possible to do it without the 'void corners').

Sr50+monster glide is the same as just running sr50 but it accelerates without moving, about 23.57d/t speed is reached by this way. Wallrun doubles the 'base speed', so sr50 + wallrun max speed without boosts is about 23.57*2 = 47.14d/t. Sr50 + arch-vile blast is at least 30d/t directly north/south/west/east but not sure if it reaches 30*sqrt(2) d/t speed north-east, north-west, south-east or south-west. Getting boosted by 45dmg sg shot and 105dmg sg shot is quite different.

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Well, there goes my hope for convenient testing... but thanks a lot, Looper.

Looper said:

Getting boosted by 45dmg sg shot and 105dmg sg shot is quite different.

So the boost is based on damage? I always thought that just the number of pellets that hit you matters.

sgt dopey said:

Whats an SSG bump?

Now that I think about it, SSG boost might be the more appropriate term, SSG bump is the name I see most often used in ZDaemon. It's a coop speedrun trick where you shoot your comrade in the back with the supershotgun to give him a speed boost. Example here.

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