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New Project: High Definition Voxels into a extremely small file size !!

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Im studying voxels a lot of time, and i post here a lot of stuff of converted voxels to show how voxels can be a good option to rich graphic maps into Doom Engine.

Im using the poly2vox tool to coverted this objects...

First i found a problem with this voxels, the size of files is not so small, arround 230 kbytes with no high detail..( in /v256 poly2vox conversion mode), its consuming a lot of memory if we have many objects on the map...

So, i found a cool project:


This project can put good high detail Voxels models into a smallest possible size, arround "2 bytes" only, yes 2 bytes !

Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXSfeGYooD0

The source code of this project is here:


If you are a developer maybe you can do this work inside the ZDOOM or GZDOOM !

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rebit said:

arround "2 bytes" only, yes 2 bytes !

That's 2 bytes per voxel. For reference KVX is 1 byte per voxel.

VKX is quite similar to Doom graphics in concept. It doesn't store transparency so it's already a sparse format. Secondly, KVX pre-calculates visibility data which ZDoom uses to render only the faces that are visible.

rebit said:

its consuming a lot of memory if we have many objects on the map...

Not really. If every sprite in Doom were a voxel of that size that would be ~176MB which is nothing for a modern computer (this is over counting since I didn't take into account rotations).

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rebit said:

but the 'duck' is 2.1 bytes only

No it isn't. I think you're getting the terminology mixed up a bit.

A voxel is a single point in a 3 dimensional grid. That 'duck' has between 8-9 million voxels, which (at 2.1 bytes per voxel) makes it around 18 megabytes.

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