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Is this kind of "flashback" possible?

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My idea is to make a moment in which you are taken to the past before the level starts, so you'll only have a pistol. Then, as the player gets to the original starting point, the game would come back to the present in the exact same place the player was before (although this is not necessary at all) with his weapons untouched. I was thinking of using a Hub structure and make 2 different maps, but is it possible this way? I mean, taking all weapons away and then giving them back just the way they were.

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Yes, it should be possible using 2 maps in a HUB. You need an ACS script to Check for the player's weapons, number of ammo and health and possibly a backpack, keys and other inventory items. Store the values in global variables, and then take all stuff from the player (or downright clear it) and give him just the basic stuff upon entering the other map. When the flashback ends, give everything back to the player based on the variable values.

EDIT: Maybe it can be done without the LOADACS global thing if all scripts were in the 2nd "fake start" map.

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Oh, I never used variables until now, will be a good oportunity to learn. Thank you very much for the links, a proper response as always!

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