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An interview with John Romero: Reinventing the Shooter

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I'm excited, very excited and hopeful... but isn't the sort of FPS he just described pretty much been done before. An open world FPS with an RPG like ranking system and goals?

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John may not exactly be relevant in the current gaming industry, but he is wise. What he says should not be ignored.

He hit it right on the head that we are suffering from stagnation and that the big studios are too afraid to innovate which is helping indie developers prosper. It doesn't matter how it happens, but something needs to change.

I'm still hoping for the second video game crash, press the big red reset button on the whole industry and force them to start using their brains again.

Edit: Minecraft was just bought out by Microsoft. I'd say that removes any doubt of the industry being a shithole for sure

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For sure he is very correct on all the points he made, and regardless if his idea sounds original or not, I am excited to see him come back and give it a go. No matter what I'm sure it will have his personal signature on it. BTW, I LOVE Daikatana!

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