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[SLADE] R_TextureNumForName: SW1BRCOM not found

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Hi all, I'm making a WAD which replaces SKY1 with CyberDreams' one, and now, when I try to test the game via Chocolate Doom, I'm awarded with the legend:

Now, I read an ancient thread from Purist, but renaming TEXTURE1 as TEXTURE2 just gave me a cache error.

The game runs perfectly in Zandronum (I haven't bothered to test it with anything else)

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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You've done something to build the TEXTURE1/PNAMES lumps wrong, but I can only guess what. Could you post the wad? If you don't want people to see the map you can delete the MAP01 marker and all the linedefs/things/etc. lumps.

Alternately if all you want to do is replace the sky, and Cyberdreams' sky is 256x128, you can just rename that sky lump to RSKY1 and don't bother with the TEXTURE1 entry, it should work fine (assuming this is Doom 2; use SKY1 for Doom 1).

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Your TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lump have only the info for the texture you added. In Doom (and many ports, though not ZDoom/Zandronum) these lumps are not cumulative, so they need to have all the names of all the textures/patches in the iwad as well.

Option 1: Delete all the lumps that aren't part of MAP01 data, and then just throw RSKY1 in there too. This is the quick & easy way, and works well when you only want to replace a sky or something. (This is what I meant in the last post, I should have told you to delete the PNAMES lump too, sorry.)

Option 2: Make sure your Base Resource is set to doom2.wad, in the top right of the toolbar. Shift-click all your textures (in this case just RSKY1), right-click and pick Graphic -> Add to TEXTUREx, click yes on the dialog that comes up, choose "Import from Base Resource Archive:". This will copy the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps from doom2.wad, and then add your textures/patches to those lists. For convenience/convention, put your texture graphics between PP_START and PP_END markers, though this isn't required.

If you need to add more graphics later on, put them between these markers and do Add to TEXTUREx again; you'll already have that lump and so you won't get any additional prompts.

With this method you can run into trouble if your texture graphic has the same name as a patch or texture in Doom 2, so avoid names that you know exist in doom2.wad or common names like "wood".

There's a more thorough tutorial on the SLADE wiki if you're interested.

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Joe667 said:

Now, I read an ancient thread from Purist, but renaming TEXTURE1 as TEXTURE2 just gave me a cache error.

That would be because you have a modified PNAMES lump as well.

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Thanks, I've been able to successfully finish the map now! I'm still pretty new to Slade and I don't entirely understand how everything works but I've got a better grasp of it, thanks to you guys.

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printz said:

Haha, Doom1/Doom2 texture/pnames nightmares…

Probably my least favourite quirk about this extremely quirky engine is dealing with TEXTUREx/PNAMES stuff.

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